Galleriakävijöitä: Pramod


Pramod / TM GALLERIA 2.3.2016

How did you hear about Gallery Wednesday?
P: “From a couchsurfing website.”

Have you attended this event before?
P: “No, this is the first time.”

Do you normally go to galleries?
P: “Not very much.”

What have you liked the best so far this evening?
P: “Forum Box was really good, there was lots of different types of art. I have enjoyed the guided tour, I would have been lost alone.”

What could have been done better?
P: “I think lots of international students and exchange students would be interested if they knew there are free guided gallery tours. There could be more information on university notice boards and email lists.”

Kuva: Jussi Ronkainen
Teksti: Maija Pulkkinen